2013 Year in Review

The Most Bizarre, Random, and Awesome Happenings of 2013

The Most Bizarre, Random, and Awesome Happenings in Surf in 2013!

Enjoy the best and worst moments of the past 52 weeks of Week in Review.

A Year of Craziness at Jaws

In 2013, Chuck Patterson took on one of the world’s heaviest big-wave spots, Jaws, on a a pair of water skis (below), before Ian Walsh surfed it on an inflatable hot dog, and Nakoa Decoite charged on a soft top. None are recommended.

Gary Busey Talks Surfing and Sins

“Surfing changed my life in many ways, no matter what I’d been through…all the addictions I had, the womanizing, the stupidity, the cocaine…”

Laird Pointed Fingers

First, TMZ reported that Laird Hamilton said about Teahupoo, “Jet Ski ‘Clowns’ Ruined My Spot.” Then he called out Maya Gabiera on CNN (below).

FOX News Stereotyped Surfers

This is embarrassing. Just wonder how they ended up profiling this character.

“Hang Ten Alana, Hang Ten”

The “surf” commercial of the year. Kalani Robb was also on an Arby’s commercial.

The Worst Surf Lesson of the Year

Definitely scarred for life.

Best Shark-Tornado TV Movie of 2013

In 2013 we were blessed with the most ridiculous shark-horror movie of all time, Sharknado.

The Shark-proof Wetsuit Hype

“The Surf Lady” brought us the one below. Then a crew gave us a wetsuit material that claims to impenetrable by shark’s teeth. Click HERE to watch.

Too Much Caffeine

This year, the Shred Show brought us super overly enthusiastic video reviews of surfboards. Hyper, kinda scary, but informative. He has dozens of them.

Realization of the Year

Kelly Slater doesn’t wear sunglasses……EVER. Why? What does it mean??! Here’s an artist rendering of what he would look like with shades.

Hoax of the Year

According to KSBW News, someone posted shark warning signs around Pleasure Point telling surfers to stay out of the water. They proved to be completely fake. Nice try guys.

A Russian Take on Surfing

Just some Russian babes surfing with high-heels duct-taped to their feet.

Here are some Tweets!

2013 Shark Commentary


Damn Chuck Norris,

Just got chased out of the water by some bull sharks. #yolo

Oliver Kurtz


Mark Healey

Kai the Surfing Hitchhiker Saga

Remember Kai the Hitchhiker, who “smash, smash, smashed” a man to save another’s life? Then Jimmy Kimmel gave him a surfboard (at 2:00), then he went surfing (below). Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending.

The Harlem Shake

In March, the Internet pulsated with these bizarre, 30-second videos dedicated to the “Harlem Shake.” It was strange and, thankfully, short-lived. Below is one from the SPY staff. Click here another one from the Oakley crew.

Anderson Cooper and GMac

After Garrett McNamara caught his “100-foot wave” and became a mainstream god, Anderson Cooper went “big-wave surfing” with him. Then Sterling Spencer was “interviewed by Anderson Cooper” too.

The Sexy Scandal

This summer the sexiness of the trailer for the Roxy Pro France stirred people up, and then, as the Internet goes, spoofs ensued:

Worst “Surf” Tattoo of 2013

Getting a brand’s tag line on your body is never a good idea. Another honorable mention HERE.

Pointless Blog of the Year

And the winner is…HairBarrels.com, for consistently bringing us pictures of pro surfers shredding hair barrels for no reason. Other notable mentions: ilovekellyandlaird.tumblr.com and lol-surf.com.

The Most Shocking Surf-Related Craigslist Post

This was on Craigslist. It was posted in West Hollywood, so the poster’s naked presence in the background was likely not an accident. (Censor block provided by SURFER.)

The U.S. Open Madness

The U.S. Open in Huntington is always a gathering place for ridiculousness (hilarious street performances, girl fights, inappropriate body art, etc.). This year, Jordy also got engaged on a soft top. And oh yeah, a riot ensued (anime reenactment below).

Ridiculous Idea of 2013

Indoor SUP yoga. This is a real thing. Lakey Peterson also land surfed on FOX News this year.

Best Pro Surf Spoof

A welcomed relief from the seriousness of pro surfing. Thanks Nathaniel Curren.

Surfer Rap of the Year

Santa Cruz pro Austin Smith-Ford, aka Little Skittle made this gem. Close second-place goes to fellow Santa Cruz shredder Zoltan Torkos, the surf magician.

Totally SoCal Kickstarter Vid

Boobs, center stage. Other honorable Kickstarter vids of the year: Laird’s Golfboard (which lets you shred the land) and fingersurfing (so you can shred the air too).

Great GIF of 2013

GIFs, the gift that keeps on GIFing.

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