Week in Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of September 1

Janna is Gone! The boys take over!

Janna Irons was out of the office for the week. We took over in the interim. Our apologies, in advance.

How to Be a Surfer Chick

With Janna gone, all we know is what we learned in this video.

How Not to Be a Surfer Chick

Great effort, Coco. (How’s the guy on the treadmill?)

For the Dudes

Bleacher Report ranked the 101 Most Beautiful People in Sports. Ellie-Jean Coffey was No. 14.

For the Ladies

According to the Huffington Post, David Beckham surfs.

We’re All Part of the Tribe

Janna never thought this was as funny as we do. Watch it again.

More Kenny Powers

A remix featuring Powers, Charlie Sheen, bad surfing, and dubstep. Don’t wait for the drop.

Tweets of the Week

It’s Football Season

My fantasy team looks pretty good! #NFL


Thou shalt be ready for some football.


Football! Football! Football! Football! Football! Football! Football! Football!


Surf Dogs

A tribute to our four-legged friends.

More Surf Dawgs

Steal some clips, play them in fast forward, splice in butts, and you got a music video, baby.

Riding Dirty

We’ve decided it’s the bike Milla Jovovich would have ridden if she surfed in The Fifth Element.

Boats and Bros

We’ve decided it’s the board the worst Bond actor ever would ride. Pierce Brosnan?

Don’t Sleep on Jamie O

In which he does a road trip across America by driving along the California coast.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Shakas from Maui.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more. Don’t worry, Janna will be back.