Insane wipeout! SUPing with sharks! Volcano surfing!

What's scarier: flying 20 feet over the falls onto dry sand or SUPing with a great white?

El Rollo Gone Wrong

Not sure what's better: the bodyboarder flying over the falls or the filmer's excitement.

Bungee Gone Right

The JOB 4.0 crew discovered a foolproof formula: "Bikini babes" and bungee cords.

Splash of Great White

Taking it on the rocks has a whole new meaning.

SUPing with a Shark

I hope his trunks came with a built in diaper ’cause we all know what he really means
by “Shakin’ like a leaf.”.

Bells Beach Carnage

Nikki Van Dijk, also giving taking it on the rocks a whole new meaning. She could use a
drink after this fall.


Anastasia Ashley has pulled off the impossible; she's made eating on the beach in a
bathing suit look appetizing. Comments

Jordy's Bells Beach 10*

It was easily a point better than Julians 9.13. In fact if Julians was a 9, Jordys wave was a 12.

Jordy Fan

That was by far the best wave of the event (let alone the heat). To me, Jordy won the event right there with that wave.

Jason Harley

Best surfed wave of the contest.


Volcano Surfing

Nicaragua’s newest surf spot might literally blast you off the top. Feel free to skip to
the 45-second mark.

Snowboard Surfing

We all know snowboarders want to be surfers, but after watching this, I want to
be a snowboarder.

A Royally Bad Joke

Maybe don’t open with a joke next time, Tony Abbott, the P.M. of Australia. Especially if it involves Kelly Slater.

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