Lingerie-clad Maya Gabeira! Point Break 2 at Jaws! Wipeouts!

Another magnificent week of all the best surf-related bizarreness. Happy Friday!

Point Break 2: The 50-Year-Storm

Does anyone else find it eerie that in the original Bodhi died in the scene they are attempting to recreate?

Meanwhile, In The Channel

A big-wave fan, and quite possibly entertainment for the Point Break 2 film crew, photo-bombed Ian Walsh's Billabong XXL submission. Bravo, photographer, bravo.

Maya Gabeira For GQ Brasil

Stop reading and start watching.

More From GQ on Surfing

Among the things they learned about women this week: Anastasia Ashley is “a really, really good-looking” surfer and you should follow her Instagram. We don’t disagree.

South Africa's Least Eligible

Sorry ladies, Jordy Smith is tying the knot. Here's him as Borat at his Bachelor's party as consolation.

Fat Guys Rule

You'd claim it too after battling 300 people for a wave.

Off-Season Pro Surfer Tweets

No contests, no problem

I have been without a phone for a week and it feels great!!!

Jeremy Flores,

Sketching some fashion ideas…

Courtney Conlogue,

Peace out social media for 5 days! X

Sage Erickson,

Fashion Over Function

5x World Champ Stephanie Gilmore in wetsuits that scream wardrobe malfunction.

Champions of Facial Hair

We can't speak to Just For Men's Mustache and Beard cream, but we don't recommend surfing in a flannel.

The Many Uses of a Surfboard

Product placement has never been so subtle.

Blitzkrieg Chop-Hop

Before he was every teenage girl's surf-crush, Craig Anderson starred in music videos.

Weekly Dose of Wipeouts

They're just too damn fun to watch. Enjoy.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

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Until next week my friends, until next week.