Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of September 16

Energy Surfboards! Surf Girls! Stoned Dogs! Sidewalk Surfing Fails!

And other things that happened while you were watching the Lowers Pro at work.

“Juicing One Local Bruddah”

A bruddah breaks down the Hurley Pro.

Quincy Davis & Matt Lauer

The perks of being the lone NY female pro: First Quincy made the New York Times, then this week she took the Today Show’s Matt Lauer surfing.

Buzzfeed Backs Dog Surfing

This week Buzzfeed gave 54 reasons dog surfing competitions are great. Below is evidence to the contrary.

More (Damn) Dog Surfing

Another article this week claimed “These Surfing Dogs Are Clearly Stoned Out of Their Minds.”

In Other Weed-Related News

A Reddit thread this week espoused the benefits of surfing stoned.

Oh the Intensity!

Caffeine-overdosed breakdowns of surfboards. You wanna hate, but he’s so informative.

Tweets of the Week

More Fan-Girls’ Tweets About the Hurley Pro

Really wanna go to the Hurley pro tomorrow instead of school #thestruggle

Ashley Marie,

My baby Julian should have won Hurley pro

Metal Face,

If I could marry Julian Wilson that’d be great

Michelle Adams,

Energy Guns!

From the man who brought you the Beer Can Surfboard comes the Red Bull Gun (you’ll have so many wings).

Anastasia Twerks

China style.

Bed Surfing

Wow. Just wow.

Sidewalk Surfing

Failure is so fun!

“Surfers” in a Commercial

When will this stereotype die?

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The End. Tune in next week for more.