Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of September 23

Slater’s a Waiter! Ridiculous Shark Stuff! More Twerking!

And a few other gems of the Interwebz.

Gladiator Bros

As always, why?!

Slater the Waiter

Serving fish.

An Ando Fan

He just loved the movie so much.


Oh SPY, you just keep pushing the limits.

Still Twerking

Join the fan club.

Movies Improved by Sharks

Because everything is better with sharks. More here.

Tweets of the Week

Fan-Boys’ Tweets About the Roxy Pro

Congrats to my future wife @Sally_Fitz for winning the #RoxyPro in France!

Connor Gill,

@paigehareb bugger off only @sallyfitz deserved to win! Everyone can’t win the #roxypro


Spewing I missed the #RoxyPro finals, sounds like some serious high point waves today.


Jet Surf

A new way to shred. What the hell are the girls on the beach doing?

Someone Made A GIF of This

Once again, why?

Shark Tow-In

No idea where this came from, but wow.

Oh, The Emails We Get

Someone emailed saying, “In follow up to the best surf cars I thought i would share the cardboard VW camper van and surfboard that I made.” Thanks, bud.

More Reader Feedback

Glad you’re high and happy.

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The End. Tune in next week for more.