Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of September 30

Drugs! Ridiculous GIFs! Surfers on the Today Show!

And a more things found deep in the computer.


The Catch Surf factory, not HR approved.

How Weird Is this GIF?

So creepy.

How to Be A Surfer Girl

“Margarita, Andrea and Ela from Slovakia are exploring the Bali,” the YouTube description explains. Pillow fights (at 3:35) are obviously a necessary step.

How To Be A Pro Skimboarder

Yes, that is a thing.

Surf Tricks Now Allowed!

It was announced that “Royal Caribbean has loosened restrictions on the performing of tricks on FlowRider surf simulators…after one cruise passenger, who tried surfing for the first time on a Royal Caribbean ship, went on to become World Flowboard champion.” Yes, that is also a thing.


According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, a drug smuggling boat washed ashore on Monday at Four Mile Beach north of Santa Cruz along with a whole lot of pot (Is that truck full of loose weed or is it an optical illusion?).

Matt Warshaw’s Tweets of the Week

Tweets from Yesterday’s Twitter Takeover

Okay, first a shout-out to my wife and kid. Hi Teddy! It’s Daddy, still not making any money! Love you!

Matt Warshaw as

If the ASP had it totally together, and ran perfect contests, and we had nothing to bitch about, the fun would be cut in half.

Matt Warshaw as

I love how many of you guys gave a “Favorite” to my tweet about how lame “Favorite” tweets are.

Matt Warshaw as

More Creepers

Who let them in?

Someone Made A GIF of This


Maya Gabeira on the Today Show

Mainstream dipiction of surfing is so fun.

Work From the Beach!

Feeling like you spend too much time in the office? Not getting enough beach time? This guy’s got the solution. The creator says it allows him to remain in “a permanent state of chill." So functional.


This is the kind of shit the mainstream goes wild about.

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