Week in Review: 2/10/17

Kelly Slater turns 45! Obama shreds! The science of wiping out!

Kelly Slater Turns 45!

In celebration of Slater’s 45th birthday (!) tomorrow, take a look at a few scenes from Kelly Slater in Black and White, the iconic film that introduced the GOAT to the surf world 27 years (!) ago.

ICYMI: Obama shreds (sorta)

No longer having to worry about running an entire nation, Obama looks like he’s having a grand ol’ time. You live it up, Obama.

Oh good lord

The sport of surfing continues to evolve

Sabre Norris returns to Ellen

Everyone’s favorite grom gets to sit in Ellen’s Porsche.

Caught inside

Worst. Feeling. Ever.

The science of big-wave hold downs

If you’ve been thinking about having a gun shaped for you this year, watch this before filling out that order form