Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of February 17

Supermodel Surfers! Surfing Pig! UFC: Surf Edition!

Friday, the greatest day of the week.

Gigi Hadid, your new favorite surfer

We can't think of a better prop for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photoshoot than a surfboard.

Speaking of S.I. Models

Gigi Hadid wasn't the online surfer in this year's S.I. Swimsuit issue. Anastasia Ashley joined Alana Blanchard and Bruna Schmitz as pro surfers to grace the pages of the magazine.

Pig in a Barrel

If Kama the surfing pig gets famous enough, he’ll be stacking dough, not wrapped in it.

Mr. and Mrs. Jordy Smith

Pro surfer turned South African celebrity Jordy Smith plans on “hanging ten” with wife, Lyndall, for the rest of his life.


Funnyman Paul Fisher pulled out his, uhh, “Dick Surfboard” for a quickie.

Surfing in Sochi

Mainstream media’s go-to action sports correspondent Sal Masekela discovered waves in the Black Sea while in Sochi for the Olympics. Bronze Medalist Julia Mancuso joined him.


A whole lot of nothing

We actually scored some fun ones in the Black Sea. Waist high wind swell greeted us at dawn.

Sal Masekela,

Perhaps the best thing about Anastasia Ashley's SI Swimsuit feature is that was suppposed to be Drake.

Not Dane Reynolds,


Ezekial Lau,

Crimson Wave

Don’t even know what to say about this…

Creepy Video of the Week

“Alana Rene Blanchard depicted in this Jack Johnson style song.”

UFC: WQS Edition

Things got heated between Stu Kennedy and Kanoa Igarashi in a quarterfinal heat at the
ASP 1 Star Chiko MP Classic.

Shane Dorian’s Third Act: Bowhunter

As if a successful competitive turned big-wave surfer career weren’t enough, Shane is featured on the cover of “The Biggest Bowhunting Magazine in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Full Stream Ahead

This looks surprisingly fun.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

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Until next week my friends, until next week.