Week in Review: 2/3/17

Rick Kane turns 30 (sorta)! Windsurfing is back! Billabong exec in jail!

North Shore turns 30!

Best surf movie ever made and I’ll hear no argument otherwise.

Steve Harvey is stoked on lake surfing

When you’ve made the Steve Harvey show, where else is there to go but down?

Oh god, no

Soft serve for life

Windsurfing: Still pretty cool, actually

Kinda forgot this was a thing

“A” for effort

Yoda wouldn’t like it, but the trying is what counts here.

I, uh, dunno

What’s Portuguese for “WTF”?

Use a ‘Bong, go to jail?

Ex-Billabong CEO Matthew Perrin begins 8-year jail sentence for fraud this week. Still at large: the criminal who decided beyond-knee-length boardshorts ever looked good.