Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of March 10

Sexy Selfies! Chiaburger in paradise! Animals surfing!

Who knew sexy selfies got you Instagram followers?

Surfing Pups

No matter how terrified dogs look surfing, their owners insist they love it.

Surfing Goats

Technically this isn't surfing, but can you imagine how good they would be on the
right equipment?

Sexy and Competitive

Ellie-Jean Coffey explains why she has over 200k followers on Instagram.


Kentucky and surfing go together like Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones.

Chiaburger in Paradise

Legendary purveyor of good times Jimmy Buffett jammed with Kelly Slater during the Quik Pro.

Beat it Kooks!

The dense lineups at Snapper made Kelly Slater a "face in the crowd,” outraged Fred Patacchia and caused drama with Tyler Wright.

Quik Pro Tweets

Nothin’ but good times

So apparently Kelly Slater and Steph Gilmore are playing a gig with Jimmy Buffett in a few hours!

Lee-Ann Curren,

Steph Gilmore performing with the legendary Jimmy Buffett at the #ASP #QuiksilverPro. Rocking! #Margaritaville

Layne Beachley,

MARGARITAVILLE Jimmy Buffett bandmates Steph Gilmore & Kelly Slater


Positive Local News

The Central Coast news interviewed Josh Mulcoy about the trip that scored him our April cover. P.S. We will be in Santa Cruz tonight screening “The Cradle of Storms.”

In other Santa Cruz news

Zoltan's still kickflippin'.

Thor Rips!

When he isn't smashing villains (or whatever Thor does), he's smashing lips at LA beachbreaks.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Sanuk ambassador Matt Meola stars in their second episode of Space to Play. Check it out:

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Until next week my friends, until next week.