Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of March 3

Boat Capsizes at Jaws! Shark at Snapper!
20-mile wave!

If the star of “Surfer, Dude” can go on to win an Oscar, anything is possible.

Man Overboard

Might want to stay on land next time.

And in the Gray Jersey

A great white shark was caught just around the bend from the Quik and Roxy pro event site.

20-mile Bore of a Wave

Can't tell if they hold hands (3:40) as a sign of affection or out of necessity from riding for so damn long.

3-minute Wave

Still a bore, but definitely less boring. Skip to 10:45

Laird's Foot Care

Mr. Hamilton was kind enough to do a How To on foot care for Men's Journal, giving us such gems as "the thicker the soles - the weaker you're making yourself."

Food Stamp Surfer Returns

Self-described "Surfer Dude" and food stamp spender took Fox News' Jesse Watters to a San Diego strip club in an Escalade.

Quiksilver Twitter Takeover

Todd Richards' Words of Wisdom

Anyone know what time Dane is playing surfing today ? #QuikPro


3:00 left...that's plenty of time for serious action. Just ask my wife #QuikPro


My life is a small average mid range score #QuikPro


Surfer, Dude Wins Oscar

Six years ago, Matthew McConaughey starred in quite possibly the worst movie ever. Now he has an Oscar. Congrats on the comeback, dude.

I'll Take Extra Salt With That

Santa Barbara restaurant patrons didn’t realize they were in the Splash Zone.

Anger Fail

After losing his Round 2 heat at the Quik Pro, Jordy Smith attempted to take out his frustration on his surfboard.

Photo Bomb of the Week

Steph Gilmore and a Koala overshadowed Katy Perry's weather-woman imitation.

Nicolas Cage Loves Surfing

The star of the best Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball parody swapped "Oscars glam for all the fun of the Quikky on the Gold Coast." Or maybe he just wasn't invited to the Oscars.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Sanuk ambassador Matt Meola stars in their second episode of Space to Play. Check it out:

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

Until next week my friends, until next week.