Week In Review 3/10/17

The Tour is back! Nland maybe! Wilko surfs a swan!

Welcome to the 2017 WSL season

Your favorite “sports” league is back and they’ve got a new commercial– one with far too many inspirational questions for my liking.

Speaking of corny commercials

Would make more sense to show the actual wave at Nland Surf Park if they’re trying to sell this thing to real surfers. But what do I know?

Mikey and a McTwist?

First time = last time

ICYMI:We did a roundup of famous surfer bands

If you’re curious what other musical talents exist in the surf world, click here

Some good ‘ol Nazare wipeouts

Reliable, like taxes

Barrel face: meet apocalyptic whitewash face

That paddle out’s a real horse race

Wilko’s new whip