Girls in Slow Motion! Vampires! Orcas! Disguises! Mums!

And some other stuff that has occurred inside the computer.

Freestyle SUPing

No, this is not a joke. They believe that this is a thing.

See video.

Wow. Photo: Stephane Robert-Nicoud /

Surfing’s Rad Future

Yet another great Bad Lip Reading clip. See 1:10, where we are assured that surfing’s future shall be rad.
(Thanks for Tweeting this, @fredpawle.)

No Mas Hurley

Laura Enever jumps ship
In slow motion.

Alternative Marketing

For this week’s episode of CBS’s show Undercover Boss, O’Neill’s CEO went undercover at his own company.

Before and after O’Neill CEO Toby Bost’s questionable transformation into an undercover O’Neill employee.

There’s still more

Some Tweets!!

ASP Rule 15.2: In order for there to be conflicts of interest people have to be interested first.


Just got some huge news at the @aspworldtour meeting ! Surfers will be able to double whammy there best wave in a heat this year!! Stoked


Traces of horse meat in Ikea’s meatballs almost makes me want to stop eating dinner in a furniture store.


The Bells of the Ball

At this week’s ASP Banquet on the Gold Coast, Wilko opted for an alternative to black-tie.

Wilko and Parko. Photo: @seano888 Wilko and filmer Nick Pollet. Photo: @mattwilko8

Orcas Chase Surfers From Water

Only in Canada. But apparently it’s rare even there.

Mum of the Week

Goes to Nola Wilson, and the pink breast cancer awareness boards she painted for Julian.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

With piñatas.

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