Week In Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of March 25

Two-headed shark! One-headed shark! Girls in bikinis! More things you’ll love/hate!

You guys weren’t very weird this week. Be weirder please. Here are few little gems anyhow.


Oh. My. Terrifying.

Two-Headed Bull Shark Discovered!

TIME reported this week about this weird little beast found in Florida.

This 4-Year-Old Surfs Better Than You

Wanna feel inadequate? Check out this photo of Baby Steve Roberson shredding Honolua.


Featuring the ever lovely Sage Erickson.

There’s still more

Some Tweets!!

#SurfMediaTruths Wave pools are awesome. By awesome we mean 2 foot San Onofre.

Not Dane Reynolds,

#SurfMediaTruths Energy drinks are garbage. Unfortunately fresh squeezed juice doesn’t sponsor surfers or buy adds [sic].

Not Dane Reynolds,

#SurfMediaTruths Every competitor in a contest is "fierce." Every contest is better than the last.

Not Dane Reynolds,

Long Bros in Flaunt Magazine

Sorry Greg and Rusty, it’s too good not to share. Please forgive me. See more here.

Just A Man, On A Tripod

In a wetsuit. That is all. (A screenshot from Delirium.)

Celebrity Divers

It was announced this week that Koby Abberton will star in the Aussie version of the reality show “Celebrity Splash.”

More Reality Surf Stars

In the US of A, meanwhile, there are TWO celebrity diving shows (why?), one of which included Bethany Hamilton. More recently, Bethany is racing cars across Morocco:

Silly Kooks

@Kook_of_the_day is an Instragram account filled with people like this.

It’s Back

Lol-Surf!, a site that just posts awesome, weird-ass photos (see below), was dead for over a year. This week it was revived. Yey us!

Your Weekly Dose of Alana

In case you haven’t had enough. Kelly Slater is in there too. You love him.

Now A Word From Our Sponsor

With special musical guest Occy.

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The End. Tune in next week for more, and the week after that, and the week after that….