Week in Review 8/5/16

Jamie O'Brien is Insane! Ryan Burch is an Alien! Olympics: Yay? Nay?

Kayaking Waimea

Tune in next week when JOB does the unthinkable: surfs Pipe on an actual surfboard.

ICYMI: Wipeout of the Century

Watch this over and over. Then watch it some more.

Bring Back Surf Cinema!

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Burch is an alien!



(A word from our sponsor.)

Air Revos for the Gold

Will any of these people surf in the Olympics? Will anybody care?
Only four more years to find out.

Hot Air Balloon Kite Surfing

Hold on, lemme check…yup. Officially seen everything.

Cool Story, Bro

Patrick Dangerfield is a famous Australian Rules Footballer. And surfs in suits for some reason. I don’t get the connection either.

Ryan Callinan: WSL Bound!

'CT Bound: Ryan Callinan. Sanuk sits down with the high-flyin, hard-chargin', happy-go-lucky lad only days after he had officially qualified for the 2016 WSL Tour. With an incredible year behind him and a whole new adventure in his sights, we pick Ryan's brain to find out what really puts a grin on his chin.