Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of April 29th

Surf rappers! Surf actors! Alana! Drug busts! Girls in bikinis!

Get these things all up in your eye holes.

Kalani Robb, Actor

Another accolade to add to resume for this former Tour surfer.

Austin Smith-Ford, Rapper

Another skill to add to the resume for this aspiring pro surfer.

Maya Hung With Lady Gaga

Because she’s big time.

Alana Shredded with Lady Gaga

Because she’s even bigger time.

There’s still more

Some Tweets!!

Pipeline is the only drug I need

Jamie O’Brien,

Filthy barrels is my filthy habit !!!

Jamie O’Brien,

I have no direction

Jamie O’Brien,

“Surfing” Killer Whales

The audio really makes the vid.

Aussie Surf Mag Makes Headlines

Tracks put this on Instagram. It made national news. In the article, the editor said it “was posted by a third party and although unaware who the person was, it was not a member of the Tracks team.”

Are You Serious?

A group of Twitter trolls discuss the state of the ASP (in disguise). Wow. This video was made a year ago, but posted this week. It is not embeddable, so you have to click here to watch it.

Popcorn and Saffas

Jordy, Craig, and friends, just smashing each other with bags of food.

Oh Wow

They have an idea, and want your money..

Now A Word From Our Sponsor

A moving picture! The best kind of picture!

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more, and the week after that, and the week after that….