Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of September 8

Lowers Collisions! Point Break 2! Pizza!

“Hey, bro. If you shoot out your board, I’ll grind it.”


Gabriel Medina is bringing skate moves to surfing. Kind of. Not really.

More Lowers Madness

Or maybe Gabriel's just running into people a lot.


Kelly Slater's much-anticipated clothing brand is officially (outer) known.

Point Break 2

Koa Smith had a front-row seat to the filming of the final scene yesterday.

ICYMI: Kolohe Orders Pizza

What's more deadly: ordering pizza while in the barrel or eating Pizza Hut?

Throwback: Sterling Orders Pizza

Surfing's favorite Centaur did it years ago and "it was super easy."

SURFER Comments

Kolohe Orders Pizza

I want to make an ad while on the toilet showing how I can call in for pizza and wipe my a$$ at the same time!

Brad Schiller

The lamest thing ever done on a surfboard.

William Lyon

You guys are idiots who think he is a sell out. Better him than someone else.

Matt Banuelos

ICYMI: Luke Davis

The hearthrob stars in a music video called "I Am Not A Man." That is all.

Bow To Your Sensei!

He shoots, he scores!

Outta The Way!

The Surfline cam at Ponto gives a real bird's-eye view.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.