Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of May 20

Surf Reality Shows! Angry Laird! Ridiculous People!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Read this, then get off your damn computer.

“Jet Ski ‘Clowns’ Ruined My Surf Spot!”

…Says Laird Hamilton about last week’s Teahupoo swell, according to TMZ. He goes on to say, “They drop in just so they can have a photo of themselves … ‘Wow, look at me!'”

Oh Boy.

Another surf reality show!!!

Carissa Takes TV Star Surfing

Today Show Host Natalie Morales really is a natural.

“Pull Tricks Not Triggers”

…Says Zoltan “The Magician” Torkos, AKA the Kickflip Crusader.

There’s still more

Surfline’s Tweets of the Week

Can you feel it? Because it’s coming, #VolcomFijiPro.

May 24

What hole in the world did the past weeks monster swell in Tahiti crawl out from? Find out in #AnatomyoftheSwell

May 22

Ever wanted to surf with your iphone? Not sure you would, but now you can thanks to “Stash” waterproof pocket shorts

May 21

The Perfect Gift for Your Babe

Only $665. Not a joke.

Definitely A Shredder

Surfing, so hot.

Once Again, Why?

Just surfing in my heels…

Inspirational Photo of the Week

This war veteran amputee is still surfing…with a hot babe.

City Folk, So Silly

Just a normal commute to the beach.

Now A Word From Our Sponsor

A moving picture! The best kind of picture!

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The End. Tune in next week for more, and the week after that, and the week after that….