In the Jaws of Jaws

All of these people are still alive. Amazing, huh?

Holy Holyland

Israel goes off.

Safety Stance

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Faceplant to faceplant


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Be the Board!

Believe it or not, the Wave Wrecker bodysurf suit is a real thing that you can purchase.

More Orca/SUP love

Orcas want not so much to be loved, but to love.

Godspeed Duke

Duke Kahanamoku passed away 48 years ago today, so please enjoy this sweet little tribute clip.

Sanuk Welcomes Maddie Peterson!

Smiles for miles! Sanuk proudly welcomes surf sensation Maddie Peterson to its growing roster of female brand ambassadors. An elite athlete, Maddie is nearly 18 years old and has already made a strong impression on the world of surfing. Originally, hailing from New Jersey, Maddie now travels the world in search of heat wins and big grins! #NeverUncomfortable.