Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of April 7

Manatees Attack! Whales Take Back Pipeline!
Laird Hydrofoils!

Turns out manatees don't like stand-up paddlers.

Marine Mammal Mayhem

An unsuspecting stand-up paddler feels the wrath of what was thought to be the
cuddliest of marine mammals

Majestic Marine Mammals

Humpback whales showed the North Shore who really rules the lineup at Pipe.

Rip Currents 101

When paddling straight to shore doesn't work, be sure to try backstroking (0:43).

Waltzing on Water

Now let's see Lord, err I mean, Laird Hamilton do this at Nazaré.

National Scholastic Shark Attack

What's the correct protocol when a shark bites you in your heat?
Does that give you a free pass to the final?

Steph's On Top

The 5-time world champ came in at No.1 on X Games Top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports list. Carissa Moore, Maya Gabeira, and a handful of other surfers made the cut.

Surfermag.com Comments

Shark photobombs Slater?

A Shark no doubt. Take a tiger shark as a reference. It even had the light stomach.


It’s Elvis, no question.


It’s quicksilver!! Trying to get Kelly back.


Don't Litter!

Or OneEarth-OneOcean will get ya.

"the white room"

New England snowboarders created the first ever surf-inspired contest in the snow. Check out photos on our brother mag SNOWBOARDER’s site.

From the Same

Filmmaker Riley Blakeway made a short film about Warren Smith's creative endeavors.

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Sanuk founder Jeff Kelley takes you behind the humble beginnings of the brand.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.