Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of March 31

Barreled Behind a Boat! Urban Sponging!
Save A wave, Ride A Surfer!

Fresh-water barrels are a boat away.

It Was All A Dream

Except for the part about Nat Young being the Rookie of the Year. That's real life. And thank you, Chicken Choker (0:39), for taking sexual innuendos to a new level of creepiness.

Reality TV Gold

It's a foolproof formula: take "a group of good looking 18-24 years olds," throw them in bikinis, and add a couple stand-up paddleboards.

Urban Sponging

We laugh now, but this kid will be a world champ one day.

Schlongboarder Part 3

Pseudo-pro Paul Fisher continues to hang on to the spotlight by the balls.

Save A Wave, Ride a Surfer

According to Hot Swell, "surfers are burdened with the libido of a drunk, horny T-Rex on steroids." Yea, about that.

One-Foot Wonderland

Screw wavepools, Josh Mulcoy discovered that fresh-water perfection already exists.

Slater Leaves Quiksilver

But is still alive

Guys seriously, he’s not dead nor retired!!! He’s just left a sponsor. Why is everybody so down??? King Kelly will surf til he’s 100.

Tharren Lewis

let´s see if ks will finally go back to the planet from where he came from.

Sentimentos Capixaba

The way the headlines and some people are talking, it’s like he’s dead. Like he said he’s not surfing any more or quite the pro surfing scene. He’ll still be out there ripping it up.

Chris Bane

Pets go Surf!

Every single one of these animals must be frightened out of their mind.
The sheep at 2:43 wins at life though.

Surf Dog

"In a world where oceans rule, one dog defied the seas and dared to surf."
Coming to theaters never.

Mickey Mouse & Friends

Turns out Goofy is a regular footer.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.