Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of April 14

When Kooks Attack! Swimming with Sharks!
Royal Baby Surfs!

Would you rather surf with sharks or get beat up by a kook?

The Shark Whisperer

So what exactly is Ocean Ramsey gently whispering into the gills of great whites? We may never know. And we can only imagine what they say back.

When Kooks Attack

And you thought the only threat in Los Angeles lineups was pollution.

Mason’s Dream Wave

Further proof that Mason Ho is having more fun than anyone.

How To Take it Off

Dammit, I've been leaving the super-sexy rinse off out of my routine all these years.


In what could have been the hairiest tragedy in recent surf history, Taylor Knox's trademark fu manchu nearly went up in flames while grilling his way to victory at the Cook or Kook event.

Surfboard Fit for a Prince

Move over Slater, there's new royalty in surfing. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were given a surfboard for Prince George while visiting Manly Beach in Australia.

Context Free

Surfer Facebook Comments

That's a f%&king big wave.

Sal Del Rosario

That was beautiful-made me cry!

Katey Caballos

Earth to Laird...Earth to Laird...we're losing contact. Do you read, over?

Richard Hughes

Screw Doctors

Consult with your health professional before trying to cure what ails you with big waves.

"Joan of Shark"

Was she the mysterious object in Kelly Slater's GoPro clip? The mystery continues.

Chip Barrels!

Chipstern’s Bluff, Chipstine Chapel…the puns are endless! Follow this Instagram account now!

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

An intimate look into the life and times of Dave Rastovich.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.