Week in Review 1/27/17

Backwash on replay! Stay away from Nazare! Kid surfs over shark!

Like a mindsurf on ‘roids

Think your break is crowded?

Just because it’s Nazare season

Purple blobs are popping up all over place right now, so here’s a fun compilation of the worst Nazare wipeouts to remind you to stay the hell away from those purple blobs.

What Southern Californians do when it rains

More surfing from Papa Dane

ICYMI: little children are fearless

That shark was not going to get in the way of his backhand snap.

Skyler, the surfing dog

His (her?) noseriding technique is flawless.

Keala Kennelly, and the essence of Lipton Green Tea

I suddenly crave a cup of hot green tea. Weird.

Occy and Brucey

Two old mates just having a chat about Andy’s new doc, having kids, being on Tour together, and going switchfoot at Macaronis.