Sharks Eating Boats! FlowRider Fails!
Pop Star Surfer!

Would you rather eat it on a FlowRider or have a great white eat your inflatable boat?

Cody Simpson's Surfboard

In the Australian pop star's newest video, he traded the microphone for a much more glamorous job: surfboard shaping. Turns out shapers really do get all the chicks.

Harlem Globetrotters

Who knew skills on the court would translate to the water?

"Go Back to England!"

Beware the wrath of a Cornish supper.

Biarritz isn't always flat

Europe's favorite beach town went XXL, prompting locals to jump around in the lighthouse.

FlowRider Fails

You’ll never guess what song they used for the soundtrack.

Collapsible Surfboards

Say goodbye to baggage fees and hello to boards with no pop.


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subscribing to SURFER because their Instagram is perfect.

Sean Roberts

It is amazing how GoPro is trivializing the most solitary and profound individual experience of surfing: the #Tuberide

Paulo Faria

Just got the new SURFER through the door! Going to Bondi next week, Byron the week after! #SOEXCITED #getmetothebeach

Rhian Daisy

Great White Eating Boat Part I

These guys are a little too calm given that their inflatable boat is no match for those chompers.

Great White Eating Boat Part II

What is it about boats that have sharks so hungry?

One More Shark Video

This could have ended horribly…

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

An intimate look into the life and times of Dave Rastovich.

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