Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of May 12

Angry Sharks! Mainstream Madness!
12-year-old Charges Teahupoo!

What's crazier: a stand-up paddler chasing a shark or a 12-year-old charging Teahupoo?

L.A. Shark

There's a new predator terrorizing the lineup at El Porto: GoPro-clad stand-up paddlers.

Flung Sky High

Andrew McLeod was launched into the air by a 15-foot great white shark while surfing in South Australia. No word on whether or not he pulled the air.

Stop-Motion Teahupoo

Playing at the end of the road, in your backyard.

Real-Motion Teahupoo

12-year-old Kauli Vaast playing at the end of the road, which happens to be in his backyard.

Angry Shark

Turns out sharks don't like being poked with spearguns (1:25). Who would have thought?

Farting Seal

Exactly what it sounds like. Not sure about how it smells though.

Surfer FB Comments

Laird Hamilton, "Greatest Surfer In The World"

Yeah I dont know. He pulled that Arizona surfer’s leash in the North Shore contest.

Allen Rafael

F*%kin’ Lance Burkhart.

Andrew Grover

Greatest narcissist…hmmhmm…I mean surfer in the entire universe…x 10

Troy Johnson

"Greatest Surfer in the World"

Hollywood sure does have a crush on Laird Hamilton.

More Laird

When will he change his name to Lord?

Even More Laird

Happy Gilmore would be proud.

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