Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 2

Jet Surfing! Mud Surfing! Don’t Mess With Slater!

Just because you can "surf" behind an airplane, doesn't mean you should.

Jet Surfing

It's always offshore at Princess Juliana Airport on St. Maarten.

River Surfing

It's way offshore in Munich, Germany.

Mechanical Surfing

Girls in bikinis, check. Dudes in speedos, check. Little person, check. Ok, let's shred.

Mud Surfing

So if you fall, does that mean you have mud butt?

Don't Mess With Slater

This actually doubles as air-reverse practice.

Anastasia Ashley On Fox News

The S.I. Swimsuit star talks about hanging with models, sharks, and female surfing.

Surfer FB Comments

Ryan Hipwood's The Right Video

These Blokes must have balls the size of watermelons! BEYOND Gnarly. Way out of my league!

Douglas Watson

Jesus, my hands are sweaty after watching that. Dudes are insane.

Robbie Fries

You know it’s gnarly when even the tow-in guy on the ski eats it…ouch.

Christopher Davis

Can’t Touch This

Zoltan "Mr. Kickflip" Torkos has moved on to other skate moves.

Surfing Sells…

…televisions apparently.

"Cutest Drop In"

Go burn someone your own size!

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Meet Sanük musician and guitar shredding guru, Lukas Nelson.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.