Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 9

Shark Below! Kite Surf Island Hop! Minute Barrel!

Feel free to jump off the cliff. Just know a shark is waiting for you.

Don't Jump!

Actually, go ahead. Just know a shark is waiting for you.

Extreme Fishing

The goal is to catch the shark (1:26) before you fall (3:10) and it catches you.

Dolphin Urges Part I

Even creepier than it sounds.

Dolphin Urges Part II

Even funnier than it sounds.

Dolphin Surfing

Nothing creepy or immature about this one.

Kite Surfing Success!

For once one of these guys actually pulled the landing.

Surfer FB Comments

Benji Brand's Namibia GoPro Clip


Scott McCulloch

Oh my god this one just keeps going and going very nice thank you so so much this is what every surfer dreams about yes!!!

David Deatherage

You freaking kidding me?

Ryan Mijares

Worth Watching Again

This is just too good not to watch over and over.

Best Combo Ever

Not sure what's more amazing: the recovery or the filmer's reaction.

Post-session Investing

Wait, this dude leaves an iPad inside his windowless jeep while he surfs?

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Until next week my friends, until next week.