Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 16

Dancing With Sharks! Epic Fail! Slater’s Rich!

Collisions and GoPros go together like tiger sharks and dancing.

Dancing With The Sharks

100% real yet pure magic.

Dropping Knowledge

A wise man once said, "anybody that's ever been attacked by a shark, actually fears them less."

Attempted Murder Caught On Film

Good luck getting that to stand up in court, buddy.

Epic Fail

When the wave breaks here, don't be there!

Who is Jackass 4.0

On the next episode, Poopies gets his own face tattooed on his back.

Point Break, Danish Edition

"You'll never find yourself until you find your wave!"

Surfer FB Comments

Hoverboard Video

Lame! It’s like a Segway mixed with rollerblades on a wakeboard. Stop!!!

Kevin Greene

We don’t need anymore stupid gadgets, the ocean is already over crowded as it is. Stay Out! SUPs should stay the F* away too!

Bruno Medeiros

It’s cool and all but let’s see someone drop in on some big pipe on one.

Tony Adams


Don't act like you don't want one.

A Literal Thruster

Coming to lineups near you soon.

Slater Cashes Out

If you were concerned about The Champ's financial well-being, don't be. He's selling 35% of his GoPro stock for "a cool $1.1 million."

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Until next week my friends, until next week.