Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 24

Bikini SUP Fail! Couch Surfing! Surfing Heartthrob!I

What’s worse: eating it hard on a SUP or knowing it was all caught on film?

"Most Amazing Video Ever"

Sorry bro, that title is reserved for this video.

Somewhat Amazing Video

Just another video of dolphins following a wakeboarder.

SUP Fail

Thank you GoPro for giving us awesome wipeout videos.

Skateboard Fail

From the very first moment, you know it will end horribly (0:40).

Couch Surfing

All he needs is a cold one and a T.V. with sporting events on.

Baby Shark Bites…

…and won't let go.

SURFERMag.com Comments

Frank Needs Help

In making way across the channel, signs and placards for bathers affixed to adjacent church property where cathedral services are open for worship in probably the next 7-10 fascist, working days.


hey Frank, too much acid, you need help.


Never underestimate the damage that drug use can inflict on human psychophysiology.


Surfing Heartthrob

A Southern love story, starring Evan Geiselman.

Holly Beck Surfs Pregnant

Not recommended by OBGYN's…anywhere.

Beach-ready Bod

Just in time for summer.

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The 2014 Sanük Brandifesto!

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Until next week my friends, until next week.