Blow-Up Doll Surfing! John John's in a Band! Hammerhead Shark!

What's more dangerous: surfing naked or stand-up paddling over a shark?

Eddie Wouldn't Riot

Things got heated at Waimea Bay over the holiday weekend.

Hammerhead Shark Off Dana Point

Just when I was getting comfy with all the great whites.

John John Joins Interpol

Not really. But he is in their new music video, kind of.

ICYMI: Coco Ho Shreds Naked

Don't feel bad about watching this again.

ICYMI: M.B. Shark Attack

Can we arrest these asshole fishermen?

SUPing Over A Shark

Meanwhile, Manhattan Beach stand-up paddlers continue their quest for attention.

SURFER FB Comments

Coco Ho Nude For ESPN

If i had her body i think i’d always be naked!

Ruth Wise

I surf blacks beach naked all the time. I remember surfing nude at the main peaks in Jr. high. Now you can only surf nude on the state side. But on my birthday I surf the main peaks naked. Whoohoo.

Geoff Bujkovsky

i can only imagine the paddling rash she got without the bra, ouch.

Derek Baker


This is one way to thrash a blow-up doll.

Turn Around

Who knew Alex Gray and Anthony Walsh were so damn sentimental?

Ian Walsh #BendsTheRules…

…by slinging H.P. computers. Wait, do they still make computers?

The Price is Wrong, Drew

"Hmm, $1, Bob, or, uhh, dude from Whose Line is it Anyway."

Skateboarding Toddler

Can’t wait 'til his surf edit drops.

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