Week In Review 2/24/17

Charlie banned from WSL! $700 booties! Drones will save us!

Medina’s stepdad banned from WSL events!

After an “incident” with judges last year, WSL bars Medina’s stepdad, catapulting him into the angry coaches hall of fame.

Porcella bros release yet ANOTHER wipeout vid!

These guys are afraid of nothing

Kepa says “nuh-uh”

Kook coming through!

Guilty as charged

Yeah, the surf world’s blown up Iceland. It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

Hey, maybe drones are on our side?

I’ve thought drones were mankind’s enemy this whole time, but maybe, just maybe, we can work together. Evidence is at the 2:12 mark

Best booties of all time?

Admit it, you’d rock these $700 Prada booties in a heartbeat