Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of July 14

Massive Wipeouts! Playboy Surfer Model!
2-year-old Surfer!

What's worse: a 20-foot lip breaking on your back or free falling 20 feet from the lip?

Billy Kemper Wipeout

My back hurts just watching this.

Ricardo Dos Santos Wipeout

"Ohhhhhhh, that was classic!" Doubt that's what ol’ Ricky Two Saints was thinking.

Carissa Moore: World Champ, Singer

She has the voice of an angel and a cutback from hell.

Kelly Slater: World Champ, Tax Man

The Champ went public in support of a cause we can all get behind: helping schools.

Playboy Model

We don't understand what German pro surfer (?) Janni Hönscheid is saying, but that's ok.

Pro Surfer Model

In case you were wondering what Anastasia Ashley wears to go surf. Enjoy.

SURFER FB Comments

Biggest Skimboard Wave Ever

I eat shit on a skimboard on flat ground haha.

David Powers

Balls of steel…

Wade Austin

Where can you go and pray for this guy’s soul?

Ben Cislaghi

ICYMI: Brad Domke is a maniac

The skimboarding mad man doing mad man things in Mexico.

Dogs Love Surfing

That's according to their owners, not the dogs themselves.

2-year-old Shredder

How cute! And conversely, how dangerous!

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Until next week my friends, until next week.