Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of July 21

Craziest Drop Ever! Surf Rage! Massive Wipeouts!

Going straight was a bad choice.

This Can't End Well

More madness from skimboarder Brad Domke. (Look right for even more)

This Can End Well

Turns out you don't need fins to be nominated for the XXL Ride of the Year award.

"Horrible Wipeout"

Actually not that bad at all. But entirely enjoyable to watch.

More Pearling

This time it actually was a horrible wipeout.

One That Got Away Part I

Prepare yourself to be depressed.

One That Got Away Part 2

Same protocol as the last one.

SURFER Comments

Skeet Derham Nias Drop

Skeet, surfer mag feature bru-Gee that’s swell!!! lucky i got rid of that ringworm on your back -otherwise you wouldn't have been so photogenic!!!

Rhodri Harries

Judges, That’s what a real ’10’ looks like.

Dom Domic

He just proved the seemingly impossible was, in fact, possible! Outstanding!

Fulton Getkate

ICYMI: Skeet Derham is a Legend

How the hell did he pull this drop?

ICYMI: Flood Surfing

Ocean? Who needs an ocean?

ASP, So Hot Right Now

Samsung released an ASP surf commercial and you may shed a tear.

The Today Show

At least they didn’t say, “got up at stoner hours.”

Wave Rage

This may be the worst burn ever.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.