Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of August 25

Splash Zone! Wave of the Swell! Drones!

Not even the crowd is safe from The Wedge's wrath.

Splash Zone!

A little too close for comfort at The Wedge.

Hot Damn

Wave of the swell? Quite possibly.

Newport, From Above

Another angle of The Point.

Santa Barbara, From Above

Another angle of Sandspit.

Allen Sarlo Shoots Pier

Drones were in full force this week.

Laird Shoots Pier

Lord Hamilton was in full force this week.

SURFER Comments

JOB: Wedge

Any video with Jamie O’Brien in the title involves something you shouldn’t try.

Julius Vandeleur

He made that look easy. But that first board could have seriously f%$ked somebody up.

Brian Thomas

I did that with three boards yesterday at the Wedge. The hurricanes kick up some monsters.

Dave Taylor

Toying at The Wedge

Two boards is better than one, right Jamie O'Brien?

Burning Man

A festival that occurs every time there's swell.

More Wedge

The claim at 1:00 makes this.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.