Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the week of September 1

Best Wipeouts! Best Barrels! Hollywood!

When jumping off the rocks goes horribly wrong.

Best (or Worst) Wipeouts

The Cape Fear Challenge had its fair share of carnage.
See how not to jump off the rocks at 0:30.

Best Barrels

It had its fair share of heavy barrels as well.
Ryan Hipwood for the win at 0:40.

Tricks are for Kids

It's never too late to learn airs, according to Brad Gerlach.

Don't Sit There!

This had to hurt both physically and mentally.

Thank you, Hollywood

For making us look like total kooks. Except for Spicoli. He's cool.

Surfers Get All the Chicks

Take notes, Hollywood. This is what surfing is really like.

SURFER Comments

Slow-Motion Wedge

Whoever remixed Pink Floyd should probably go ahead and die, maybe at the Wedge!

Dillon Wallace

Please don’t desecrate a great song with a bunch of brainless computer farts.

Patrick Coan

Now that's a beating.

Rick Moreno

ICYMI: Slow-Motion Wedge

Cringe-worthy wipeouts, all in HD.

Surfer's Best Friend

Just a dolphin, hangin' out with his bros.

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Until next week my friends, until next week.