Week in Review 4/14/17

Dirtbike Don't Surf! Margies Eats JJF! Happy B-Day Gerr!

Why the hell is this dude still riding a dirtbike on the ocean?

Remember this guy? Tried to ride his bike at Teahupoo awhile back? What, are you out of dirt to ride on back home?

Margies out here busting people up

Main Break did its best to eat JJF and Filipe last week

Bow before your Queen

L.S.D.avid Rastovich

Happy b-day Daddy Gerr!

Brad Gerlach turned 51 years old this week and just became a pappa—still surfing better than you or I ever will

New toy comes with three free 911 calls

BILL: “Hey Ted, how are the kids?” TED: “They’re dead, Bill.”