Week in Review

Random happenings in surf for the Week of November 18

Luke Davis and Bieber! John John and Aliens! Surfing Fail! The Stokedest Guys Ever!

This is a weird world we live in.

Luke Davis’ GF And Justin Bieber

Luke Davis’ girlfriend, Cailin Russo, is apparently in Justin Beiber’s new music video. In other Bieber news, this “Between Two Ferns” is awesome.

Surfing, A Water Sport Only

Stories of “train surfing” and “car surfing” mishaps have abound in the past year. The last non-water surfing injury occurred at a Jets game this week, when this idiot tried to “surf” down the railing of the upper level of the stadium. Then he fell, and was subsequently fired from his job.

Never Stop Surfing

Found your dream car.

Sage: A Woman Esquire Loves

Sage Erickson is part of the cast of the new Women We Love series on Esquire TV.

The Stokedest Guys Ever

…Eat and drink around the world in Vans’ new series. Just. So. Much. Stoke.


John John Florence and friends summon life beyond.

Comments of the Week

The Things People Say on Surfermag.com

The number one rule, regardless of what people may or may not tell you, is DO NOT pee in your wetsuit. For goodness' sake, isn't it obvious?

Esben Tipple on
“Take Care of Your Wetsuit”

Surfing is one of the few sports where one is so keenly aware of how much God loves you.

ricka on

Stay on land and hold your mama's hand. You have nothing to gain by posting on matters that concern surf etiquette.

antonio montana on
on “Managing A Lineup”

Comin’ In Swinging

An Australian showdown in the ocean between a thief, an air-punching cop, and an angry dog. All caught on tape.

Cave Surfing


Kickstarter of the Week

“I wanted to do all the great tricks the pros do but I struggled just catching a wave. It was then I had my Eureka moment.” The WaveCatcher bodyboard. A revolution in boogies.

Jeremy Flores Sponsors A Surfer

When 2014 Women’s World Tour rookie Johanne Defay said she couldn’t pay for her first year on Tour, JFlo stepped up and offered to sponsor her. Welcome to JF Fantasy Factory.

Puppy Surfing

Who can resist an adorable puppy video?

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Brian Bielmann talks about his years shooting Andy Irons.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more.