Week In Review

Random Happenings in Surf for the Week of January 6

Benji Weatherly is a Pro Caddie! Radioactive squid! Point Break Re-Make is Coming!

Lots of Hollywood this week for some reason. They’re just so surfy.

Benji’s Second Act

This week pro golfer and 2013 Masters Tournament champ Adam Scott chose Benji Weatherly to caddie for him. “He can carry the bag, that’s all I need him to do,” Adam told CBS Sports.

A Surf Parody

Here are some guys with too much time on their hands. Remember Under Desert Sun, the short featuring Dane Gudauskas and Kepa Acero’s trip to Angola? Now there’s this:

Sally’s Smurf Safety

Sally Fitzgibbons co-stars with Smurfs to give kids surf safety tips.

Dane’s Gettin’ Into Social Media

This week, Dane Reynolds implored fans to post their old license pics on Instagram. The pic that’s the most “so surf it hurts” will win his Volvo. Here’s Dane’s and some super surfy #gimmedatcardane submissions.

Keanu Says No to Point Break 2

Keanu Reeves quelled any rumors that he would star in a remake of the 1991 surf-robber drama Point Break, saying, “Absolutely not…If they can find a way to do it that works out good, then God bless them.” Sorry.

More Point Break

Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Gerard Butler is in “final negotiations” to play Swayze’s part. Meanwhile, Yahoo gave us 10 reasons they should not remake the movie at all. READ HERE.

Point Break Tweets

Things People Said About a Remake

A remaking of Point Break? Hollywood should stop remaking classic, beloved films. Which is why I’m cool with them remaking “Point Break”.


Gerard Butler eyes ‘Point Break’ remake; fans blow gaskets

LA Times Movie News,

Yo @GerardButler, I surfed with Bodhi. I knew Bodhi. Bodhi was a friend of mine. Gerard, brah: YOU’RE NO BODHI. #PointBreak #NoRemake #surf

Johnny Utah,

Anne Hathaway Rescued!

A local surfer saved actress Anne Hathaway who was stuck in a rip in Hawaii, according to New York Daily News. A hero. Many more Princess Diaries remakes to come.

You Think You’re Cold?

Minnesota Lake surfers might be actually insane. -30 wind chill. I can’t even comprehend that.

Training for Sochi

Who said you need waves to put surfing in the Olympics? Behold “Das Surfing.”

The Face of Determination

Actress Emma Stone shredded in Hawaii this week.

Giant Radioactive Squid

…washes ashore in Santa Monica! It went viral. And it was a LIE! Surprise! Welcome to the Internet!

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Sanuk took the winner of their #totallybeachin Instagram contest to Hawaii to live it on the North Shore. Check it out:

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The End. Tune in next week for more.