SUP Carnage

If you’re terrified of SUPs in a crowded lineup—and you should be—this is your worst nightmare.

Kepa Acero Rock Dancing

If you’re also terrified of surfing over and through huge rocks in the lineup,
then this might be a nightmare too.

Mark Healey Afraid of Nothing

But goats are very much afraid of him.

Slater Letting Loose

Kelly Slater misses the days when he had hair too.


[grind_gallery id=”851″] “Does summer have to be over?”


[instagram id=6] (A word from our sponsor.)

Swimming with Humpbacks

Some of the best humanoid/whale swimming since
Spock and Gracie in Star Trek IV (Google it, kids).


Timmy Curran lives!

Surf Sells

Surfing stormy waves at dusk is kinda scary, but that’s nothing compared to
the horror of getting sand all over a brand new Volvo.

Aloha from Sanuk

This winter, Sanuk wants to send you to the island of Oahu.